Friggin Fabulous 80s Rock

HS time warp: loved these tunes (still do)

by Anonymous

after this, I was a fan
and then, of course, I loved Stevie all the more...
this is from 1972, but it was my Ken's East Landing Anthem (worked there in the 80s).

The Cult was my full entree into hard-alternative as a senior in high school
okay, more 70's, but great to listen to while driving around in my Dodge Aspen with all the windows down... (no seatbelt, sliding on the bench seats and smoking too)
and what the what was Bowie doing pop now?!? But I like it... Jeez, after Labyrinth, I now love everything he does.

So moody, just like a 17 year old.
they always were....

Seriously, this whole album was pretty darn good. I think he used some of those Bananarama instruments though... kind of a clucking sound in the good blues.

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Friggin' Fabulous 80s Rock

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