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Final Vinyl is a great place to create definitive or "final" playlists.

This song reminds me of my first AM/FM radio.
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I always wanted to be the Captain...
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I can't listen to this song fewer than three times in a row.

Do you miss lazy weekend afternoons? If you have 35 minutes this album will take you there.
Led Zeppelin and my Realistic Stereo System. It was a match made in heaven.

Total Harmonic Distortion > 1%
My first album was Life and Times by Jim Croce.

What was your first album, tape, CD or download?

Favorite concerts? Guilty pleasures? Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks? Anyone?

Do performances get any better than this?
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There's some great music out thereā€¦

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Final Vinyl - Playlists worth sharing...

Women at Midnight - Classic Female Rockers Live on the Midnight Special

Begin Again - Our 404 Page (Sadly)

Taking Flight - Flying in the 1970s

Friggin' Fabulous 80s Rock

Gypsy Jazz - Origins

JFK - In his own words

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